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50+ Essential Oil DIY Recipes!
I love the Sugar Lip Scrub. What is your fave? 

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ARTICLE: Choosing a Pot Plant Container • The Pros and Cons
If you are confused about what kind of pot or container to choose for your plants, you're not alone!

You may want to consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of various types of containers before you put your hand in your pocket and go shopping!
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Mini Water Garden Fountain
There is nothing quite as relaxing as the sound of a gurgling stream, or a bubbling brook. 
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Make a Mini Greenhouse from Recycled CD Cases
A most excellent tiny recycled greenhouse. 

BESTEST: Easiest diy project ever!
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VIDEO: Decorative Concrete Container How-To with Martha Stewart and TV gardener Andrea Maso
I bet you'll come up with tons of ideas once you've watched this video.
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ARTICLE: Concrete Hand Planters & Bowls - A step-by-step with pictures
Here's what you can make with quick-setting concrete, plastic gloves, plus a few other things. I want to make these for my about you?
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ARTICLE: How-To Make a Concrete Fire Pit from Scratch - Step-by-step instructions
So, let's build our own DIY fire pit, yes? This version is cast of affordable, weather-resistant concrete that creates a sleek, modern look. It's portable but sturdy, and uses gel fuel, making it possible to have a quick 30-minute post grill session fire.
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ARTICLE: Build a Worm Compost Bin - Step-by-step with plans
Adults to kids will love building this worm composting bin...make it a family project. 
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